• New Instructor Tranning Clinic!
    New Instructor Tranning Clinic! April 23rd to 25th 2014
    Kanaha Beach, Maui Hawaii
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    Open Access We work with kiting companies, organizations, schools, instructors, and riders to establish best practices and accepted safety and instruction standards.
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Kiteboard Insurance

Now, US Kiters Members can apply for these policies. Policies are available at the same rate as last year with no premium increase. Policies offer unmatched competitive rates with the most comprehensive general liability, medical and dental coverage of up to $1,000,000 for each kiteboarding incident.

Insurance Policies

Free Rider Membership

Free Rider
Includes »

  • Participate in a community that is passionate about kiteboarding!
  • Access US Kiters Forum
  • Encouraged participation level for beginning students
  • Simple process to upgrade to paid membership at any time

New IT Clinic in Maui!

April 23rd to 25th 2014

Kanaha Beach, Maui Hawaii

Become a Certified Insured
Professional Kitebording Instructor

US Kiters training program or ITC (Instructor Training Clinic) is a 4 day program. The training course corresponds of 2 days of theory and 2 days of hands on teaching experience. The certification is recognized trough out the United States and all major international organizations recognize it for international teaching.

Class conducted by
Master Examiner Paul Franco

CPR Certification

Select from a list of are accredited CPR Certifiers and get started today!


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